About Us

Department of Applied Nutrition and Food Technology (ANFT) has been born in Islamic University under the umbrella of faculty of Applied Science and Technology in 1998-1999 academic sessions. Now the seventeenth batch admitted. The department is situated in the first floor of FAST building. The department of Applied Nutrition and Food Technology program is the pioneer in the field of Nutrition and Food Science education. The multidisciplinary subject was opened aiming to teach about food collection, processing to preservation and consumption to metabolism. A sound knowledge about proper food habit and their utilization in the body can help to build a healthy nation. The increased den also be supplied by this department.
The ANFT offers 4 years BSc (Honours) comprising 46 courses 160 (credits) and1 year MSc comprising 12 courses 39 (credits). Each Course carrying 100 marks (Attendance-10; Class test-15 and final exam-75) equivalent to (3.5 credits). The MSc students have two groups-The Thesis group (A) practical & thesis work & The General Group (B) practical only.

Academic & Extracurricular Facilities
Class Rooms-
The department has four rooms for classes and examination. The class rooms contain multimedia and audio system for providing interactive lectures. The class rooms and examination rooms are not sufficient yet as per our academic load. We are planning to expand class room and examination rooms after inauguration of second science building.
Research and Practical Laboratories-
We have two research two practical laboratories. The research laboratories providing supports for research in the field of epidemiology, Nutrition, Clinical Biochemistry, Food Technology, Food Microbiological etc. Researchers from the department of ANFT published their research data in various national and international reputed journals. The practical laboratories are well designed & equipped for laboratory practices of the undergraduate and post-graduate students. They learned nutrient analysis from various food stuffs, production & quality controls of various food products, detection of microbial contaminants & food adulterants from foods, assessment of nutritional status etc. We are hoping to buy new instruments for research and practical laboratories soon under the ongoing projects.
Seminar Library-
The department has a seminar library with capacity of fifty students studying together. The seminar library contains books, dissertation and journals in the field of Nutrition, Food Technology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Immunology, Physiology, Microbiology, Molecular biology etc. The seminar library is expecting to refurbish and modernize soon under the financial support of ongoing projects.
The department constituted ANFT-society for the development of extracurricular quality of the teacher and students’ .The ANFT-society is formed by the representatives from current students and supervised by the chairman of the department. The ANFT-society observe and arranged national & international days, reception of the fresher, farewell for the graduates, annual study tour and various other student supports.
Ongoing research and Development projects:
Currently the department is implementing three projects. In addition to the UGC supported HEQEP (Round-3; W-1; CP-3888) projects, two other research projects funded by Ministry of Science & Technology also implemented by two research groups. We hope that we are able to provide better academic and research facilities to our students and laboratory members.
Academic Collaboration:
Recently Islamic University and Nagasaki University of Japan signed academic collaboration agreement. The collaboration has been initiated & participated by The Dept. of Applied Nutrition & Food Technology of Islamic University and Oral Molecular Biology of Nagasaki University. With this collaboration agreement the members of ANFT and others allied discipline can exchange students, researcher, officials, academic information for the betterment of both sides for the next five years.
Current and Prospective Students:
After beginning of our journey from 1998 the 12 batches have been completed their BSc (Honours) & MSc and 17th undergraduate batch has been enrolled this session. Several MPhil and PhD students also completed their research and awarded accordingly.